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Diamond Buying Advice

HOW can you be certain the diamond you purchased is the same quality you were promised? 

Only purchase diamonds accompanied by a diamond grading report from the GIA, the Gemological Institute of America.  This document is like your diamond’s birth certificate & describes key diamond properties that together determine the value of your stone.

When shopping for diamonds always compare diamonds graded by the SAME independent laboratory.  Although different labs may use the same grading scale, they do not all use the same standards.


Buying a diamond without a diamond grading report from an independent lab will cost less but will NOT save you money!  Why?  If you buy a diamond graded H color & SI1 clarity by the GIA then it is universally accepted as H SI1.  HOWEVER, if you buy a diamond with no lab report or a lab report from a lab with less stringent grading standards a diamond graded H SI1 will cost less because it would receive a lower grade if graded by the GIA.  What does that mean?  You are not comparing apples to apples!  

A diamond with a GIA report is NOT more expensive; the uncertified diamond is less expensive because it is WORTH LESS.  

If you want to sell a diamond without a lab report or with a lab report from a lab known to be more lenient in their grading standards, it will most likely not sell as an H SI1.  The quality will be as negotiable as its price.  If you want ASSURANCE, if you want to KNOW you got the best VALUE for your money & if you want your diamond quality to be as sure as your LOVE then purchase a diamond with a GIA lab grading report AND consult with an unbiased expert BEFORE you buy.

If a jeweler tells you he/she has the perfect stone which you can get for a steal because it is so new there hasn’t been time to send it to the GIA for a lab grading report…. don’t bite!  There is a reason that stone hasn’t been certified yet.  It may look like G VS2 as the jeweler claims, but what if it isn’t?  

Did you get a G VS2 at a STEAL or an H SI1 at a PREMIUM?  GIA lab grading reports are universally accepted as accurate – appraisals & opinions are not.  This is too important of a purchase to have doubts.

Are there other independent labs that adhere to strict standards?  Yes, AGS Laboratories also have an excellent reputation.

Need help deciphering these reports or deciding which diamond is the best value & quality for you?

PROTECT yourself, consult with an unbiased expert BEFORE you buy.

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Choosing the RIGHT Jeweler


You are about to make one of these most meaningful – and expensive – purchases in your life.  Most people start by focusing on learning all they can about the 4 C’s, but there is FAR more to purchasing a diamond.  The very first, and possibly most important, decision will be choosing your jeweler.  You are entering a potentially long term relationship and you want to be certain that their resources, services and offerings are compatible with YOUR needs and wants. [+]

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