Choosing the RIGHT Jeweler


You are about to make one of these most meaningful – and expensive – purchases in your life.  Most people start by focusing on learning all they can about the 4 C’s, but there is FAR more to purchasing a diamond.  The very first, and possibly most important, decision will be choosing your jeweler.  You are entering a potentially long term relationship and you want to be certain that their resources, services and offerings are compatible with YOUR needs and wants.


Jewelers aren’t one size fits all.  Jewelers tend to specialize based on the demands of their clientele which may, or may not, fit in with what YOU need.  Even if the jeweler is willing to source something he/ she doesn’t normally deal in, they may not have the contacts or purchasing power to provide you with the best selection and pricing.   Also, they may not have the staff or resources to provide you with the service level you desire.  What is their reputation in the community?  Are they known for their service, honesty and quality? 


Ten KEY steps to selecting the RIGHT jeweler for YOU;


1.  Do they have diamonds similar in size and quality to what you are looking for in their cases?  They don’t have to have THE diamond, but do they have experience with, and buying power for, what you are looking to purchase?  A jeweler specializing in 1 carat round diamonds may not be the best choice if you are looking for a fancy shape or large diamond.


2.  Does the staff seem knowledgeable and interested in what YOU want?  Is the staff able to properly advise you?  Are they educated on diamonds and able to explain WHY a diamond is a good choice for you or are they simply salesmen trying to sell you what is in stock, what was readily available or what gives THEM the best profit margin?


3.  Do they have positive testimonials?  Google them!  One bad Google review doesn’t a bad jeweler make, but comparing all the reviews will give you a feel for the service they standardly deliver.


4.  Does their showroom and jewelry repair area look neat, clean and orderly?  Appearance says a lot!  If their showroom and jewelers’ area looks untidy and disorganized it reflects on the pride they take in their business and will most likely be reflected in their workmanship.


5.  A showroom does not necessarily equate to higher prices and a small office doesn’t guarantee a lower price.   Focus instead on their experience, service and selection.


6.  If it sounds too good to be true IT IS!  If a jeweler can sell an item day in and day out for $10,000 – they would.  There is typically a reason they are selling that diamond at such a deep discount.  Why would a jeweler sell you a $10,000 item at $5,000 to “earn a client” when they can earn a client for $10,000?


7.  What is their return policy?  Can you return an item for a full refund?  How much is their restocking fee?  Many jewelers have exchange only policies available for a limited time (some as short as 10 days.)  Do you want to be stuck with an item or another item of equal value in their inventory if you are unhappy with your purchase or would you prefer the freedom to return the item and start fresh?


8.  Do they have a maintenance policy?  Will they clean and check your diamonds and jewelry for free?  What does that include?  Your ring can get scratched or look dull with normal wear and tear.  Will you have to pay each time you need the ring cleaned and properly polished and/or rhodium finished?


9.  What is their repair or replacement policy?  Small diamonds on your ring can fall out and many jewelers will replace them at no charge as long as there isn’t excessive damage from something other than normal use.  Some jewelers will even replace your center diamond if it is lost as long as you strictly adhere to their maintenance schedule.  BEWARE of these policies however!  It is null and void if you miss a scheduled check.  Also, if they deem the loss occurred from a hard hit or drop rather than normal wear and tear it may not be covered.  The Diamond Girl recommends insuring your engagement ring through an insurance agency so you are covered for all potential issues.


10.  What is their trade up policy?  Many jewelers will give you a percentage up to 100% of what you paid toward a future purchase.  If you are limited by budget but plan to upgrade to a larger size and/ or better quality diamond in the future this may be an added benefit. 


Buying a diamond engagement ring is a complex purchase that requires knowledge and expertise.  Doing your homework will help you make a wise purchase.  Unfortunately much of the information you receive will come from those looking to sell you.  Hiring an expert in the field who is 100% independent and unaffiliated with any jewelers will enable you to purchase with confidence. 


The Diamond Girl is YOUR secret weapon! 


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