Make an INFORMED buying decision.


NEGOTIATE from a position of power.


Know without a doubt that you got the best QUALITY diamond.

“The Diamond Girl is your secret weapon.”


For the first time buying a diamond doesn’t have to be a blind purchase


  • Pre Purchase Coaching – The insider knowledge you need to make an informed decision
  • Certification Review – Evaluate diamond certifications for much more than the 4 C’s
  • On Site Diamond Evaluation – Accompany you to inspect the diamonds & give my expert advice
  • Purchase Verification – Verify the diamond you received matches the certification and sales receipt
  • Personal Shopping – All the legwork is done for you; you see only the best & make the final decision
  • Pre/Post Repair Inspection – Evaluation before and after your diamond is left with a jeweler to ensure that you received your diamond back and that it was not damaged in any way

Stacey Kravitz, G.G. is a Gemologist Consultant specializing in diamonds.

She received her degree in Graduate Gemology from the Gemological Institute of America.  After more than a decade selling diamonds and fine jewelry in both the retail and wholesale markets, she now brings her expertise directly to the consumer.
“I loved helping people find the perfect diamond to symbolize their love and commitment to each other.  My goal was never to ‘close the deal’ or make a large commission, but to help my clients find the most beautiful and highest quality diamond for their budget.  What I kept encountering, time and again, was the insecurity and wariness people had when shopping for a diamond.  They feared being ripped off and taken advantage of due to their lack of knowledge.  They had to rely on the salesperson selling them to educate them.”

Now, for the first time, you can have someone on YOUR side.  My mission is to help you find the best quality diamond for the best price.  My clients get to shop for diamonds with an expert on their side of the counter to ensure they pay the right price for the best quality diamond their budget will allow.  I take the uncertainty & fear out of the diamond buying process so you can purchase with confidence.

Do you want to shop for Diamonds & Jewelry like an industry insider?

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